Environment, Energy, Quality



As a manufacturer of materials for the tyre retreading industry, there is nothing that MARANGONI RSD GmbH is not able to supply. We are committed to ensuring quality, environmental protection, energy efficiency, and the health and safety of everyone who works at our production and logistics facility in Henstedt-Ulzburg. In addition, we see ourselves as problem solvers when it comes to tyre retreading. Thus, “everything from a single source” is our corporate philosophy and the foundation on which we build partnerships with our customers. This also applies to the production and distribution of high-quality and innovative consumables for cold and hot retreading and of technical rubber compounds, as well as to the assistance provided for selecting suitable machines. We help our partners to plan and optimise manufacturing sequences and complete production lines, including setting up and starting up turnkey retreading plants. We offer an extensive range of services – including technical and business advice – and, through practice, we are able to add new products to the list on a daily basis.



As a general rule: we aspire to be our customers’ partner of choice. Together, we are able to tackle all challenges with the aim of supplying end users with retreaded tyres, with the same quality as new tyres, and custom-fit technical rubber compounds. To this end, we enquire as to what your requirements, needs and wishes are and make it our duty to meet them in the best possible way. Your satisfaction is our main priority, which is why we draw on our many years of experience in the business and our expertise so that we can do more than simply meet your requirements and deliver the best product for your application.



Having motivated and satisfied employees is key to our company’s success. Therefore, your health and safety are of the utmost importance to us. We ensure the best possible training, but at the same time we also encourage you to make your own suggestions and requests. This especially applies to cases where it is useful to achieve our goals in areas such as occupational health and safety, environmental protection, energy efficiency and quality standards. We have principles and rules in place regulating individual behaviour and interactions with others in order to ensure a positive work environment and ethical behaviour. All employees are required to align their operational activities with the guidelines of our company policy and the related management system in order to meet set goals.


Laws, regulations and binding obligations

We are committed to complying with legal requirements and regulations in areas such as quality, environmental protection, energy, and occupational health and safety. In order to do this, we determine and evaluate binding obligations and stakeholder expectations. We follow the WDK, BRV and ETRTO guidelines throughout the production process. Our products and tyre retreading procedures are compliant with European Commission Directives 108 and 109.


Continuous improvement

In keeping with the motto “if you don’t go forward, you go backwards”, we strive to constantly improve our processes, products and services. One of our main concerns is making the most of recognised potential for improvement, so that we can set ourselves apart from our competitors by delivering outstanding quality and performance. We identify environmental impacts and make sure to avoid or minimise them, and we do the same when it comes to health and safety hazards for our employees.  We systematically assess our energy consumption and record our energy flow so that we can take appropriate energy-saving measures. Avoiding unnecessary expenditures, thus improving cost efficiency, is another concern of ours, as is protecting the environment and making sure that fossil fuels are available for useful purposes in the long term. We make every effort to control and continuously reduce our specific energy consumption. In order to make such improvements, we gather feedback from our customers and employees, monitor the company’s quality, environmental and energy performance in a targeted manner, and constantly review our processes through regular audits. We make sure to implement state-of-the-art measures that are in compliance with occupational medicine protocols and other proven ergonomic findings, and to also take environmental and energy-related aspects into consideration.



We are committed to running our business in such a way as to ensure a minimal and non-lasting impact on our environment while taking economic aspects into account. For this purpose, we take measures to protect the environment, prevent pollution, and use resources as sparingly and efficiently as possible. We make sure that we have all the information and resources we need to achieve these goals. When designing new plants and/or facilities, as well as equipment, systems and processes, we analyse and evaluate ways in which the use of resources or environmental impacts can be improved. The results of this assessment are recorded and taken into account when planning projects. As for procurements that have a significant impact on the company’s environmental or energy performance, we tend to favour those that have a lower impact.