An history
of ideas

Marangoni Retreading Systems Deutschland

Then and now




Heinrich Ellerbrock founded the company of the same name.


The company was completely destroyed by air raids, but was rebuilt again.


Mario Marangoni recognized the great potential of the company and wanted it to become a part of the Marangoni group. Since the premises in Eidelstedt were not sufficient, the factory was relocated to Henstedt-Ulzburg.


The work on building a new factory was done.

2003 & 2008

These years are marked by the company’s major fires. The fires brought production to a halt, but the company soon recovered, thanks to the large support received from Marangoni SPA and to the rapid reconstruction, and is now one of the most modern factories for the production of retreading material.


The company name changed from Ellerbrock to MARANGONI RETREADING SYSTEMS GMBH.

The history of the

Marangoni group


The beginning of the tyre retread business in the workshop of Rovereto, in Corso Bettini


First company logo


The beginning of the retreading business in Rovereto


Compounding production. Compounds were a must in order to complete the tyre retreading cycle. This was the responsibility of Carlo Marangoni, the only brother with the knowledge of chemistry needed to produce compounds in-house


Construction of a plant, known as “Società Marangoni Fratelli”


Founding of the company Marangoni Pneumatici SpA (tyre manufacturing), Marangoni Meccanica SpA (machinery for tyre manufacturing) and Pneumarket SpA (tyre marketing)


Transfer of the retreading operations in Follone’s square in Rovereto


Inauguration of the new plant in Rovereto, on via del Garda. The original location on Via Abetone became the site of Marangoni Meccanica


From a Mario Marangoni’s idea, began the study of a new “cold” retreading system based on a precured tread ring for truck tyres.
After only one year of experiments on the prototype plant (made by Marangoni Meccanica), in 1974 it began the production of this new product, called RINGTREAD.


Founding of Marangoni RTS (RingTread System). Opening of the Marangoni Tread establishment in Ferentino (Frosinone)


Started research for a new tyre manufacturing process


Founding of Marangoni SpA, the parent company of the holding


Installation of the first waste-to-energy plant in the Marangoni Pneumatici establishment of Rovereto


Expansion of the product range: start-up of the production for solid industrial tyres


Founding of the company Marangoni Tyre SpA for the production of car tyres in Anagni (Frosinone)


Acquisition of Ellerbrock RT GmbH (Hamburg, Germany), a major manufacturer of precured tread strips for truck tyre retreading


Inauguration of the new establishment in Henstedt-Ulzburg


Inauguration of Marangoni do Brasil, a plant to produce RINGTREAD precured rings and precured strips for retreading truck tyres


Inauguration of a new plant in Nashville, Tennessee, and the creation of Marangoni Tread North America


Inauguration of the new Marangoni Meccanica plant in Rovereto


Founding of the Advanced Research and Development Centre and opening of the representative office in Shanghai (PRC)


Founding of the company Marangoni Trading Shanghai


Inauguration of the Marangoni Industrial Tyre establishment in Sri Lanka


Acquisition of WENZEL Industrie GmbH, a German company specialising in industrial tyres that support the end users in the tyre assembly through the Quick Mont mobile fitting presses network


Marangoni strenghtens its presence in the industrial sector in France through its subsidiary Marangoni Industrie Manutention, leader in complete tyre service for fork lift trucks and similar vehicles


• Marangoni bring to the market two top level building machines called “Black Dragon”, the best machinery available on the market for bead to bead application


• Opening of a new factory in Alvear, Santa Fe (Argentina), bringing the number of manufacturing plants around the world, capable of producing the RINGTREAD line, to five


• Acquisition of Recamax Reifen GmbH, specialists in the distribution of earthmoving retreads


• Marangoni and Tatneft Group agreed to form a joint venture in Russia for tyre retreading of truck tyres


• New investments and technological innovation at the Rovereto plant: – installation of a new, latest generation banbury, capable of meeting demand for increasingly sophisticated and high performance compounds; – creation of a fully automatic and flexible hot-cure retreading production “island”


• Installation in the Ferentino plant of a special press for the production of tread rings up to 450 mm wide


• Joint venture with Leader Rubber Co. S.A., an exclusive distributor of the RINGTREAD System to the South African market and leading manufacturer of precured tread strips and other materials and machinery for retreading


• Marangoni expands its global footprint signing an agreement with GRP, India’s largest and world’s leading rubber recycling company , to establish a joint venture to carry on the business of commercial vehicle tyre retreading in India