Bioterra testimonial Marix Marangoni

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Marangoni’s retreaded tyres allow us to significantly reduce our hourly cost, on top of that reducing the consumption of raw materials and allowing us to also contribute to the circular economy.

– Joeri Erlich –

Technical Project Manager at Bioterra NV, Genk

Bioterra NV is a market leader in Belgium for the remediation of contaminated land. The company treats about one million tonnes of earth, soil and other mineral waste annually. Genk is its main production site and is a plant that treats different types of earth, from crushed asphalt and debris to sludge and sand. For this reason, Bioterra needs a versatile tyre, which offers long service life, excellent traction and strong damage resistance.
Bioterra has entrusted its tyre management to CL Tyres, a specialised company that work with Marangoni retreaded tyres because of their superior performance and great reliability.
Stany Croughs, owner of CL Tyres, said: “The long service life of the Marangoni tread compound and the superior traction of the MRT D2 tread pattern guarantee maximum efficiency and the lowest cost of use.